Isolation Activism Art Challenge

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Isolation Activism Art Challenge

There is a long history of art as a tool for activism and social change. It’s a vehicle through which to cultivate connection, build solidarity, and manifest hope during crises.Isolation Activism Art Challenge spelled out in black with a yellow background.

We know things are very different right now and not in a great way at all. It’s scary, anxiety-inducing, and sometimes downright boring. Despite all of this, we want to challenge YOU, all of the activists out there, to create a piece of art centered on the theme of hope. It could reflect our present isolation reality, but doesn’t have to. This is open to any type of art: visual, poetry, music, video, or more. A selection of works will be featured on the #PassTheMicYouth blog.

To submit: simply fill out this form by April 22nd.

Email any questions to: