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Social Justice

Social Justice Standards, Teaching Tolerance

Standards guide practice and inform decision-making; they provide structure, consistency, and a common language. Such factors are especially important when teaching about social justice issues. Organized under four domains — Identity, Diversity, Justice and Action — Teaching Tolerance’s Social Justice Standards outline desired outcomes that result from effective social justice education on student’s emotional and social development.

Social Justice Lesson Plans, National Education Association (NEA)

National Education Association logo

These award-winning lesson plans and printable handouts are cross-disciplinary and include Common Core equivalencies.

Readings for Diversity & Social Justice, Routledge

Readings for Diversity and Social Justice textbook

This resource serves as a companion website for the textbook by the same name. It includes discussion questions, activities, and action steps for teaching and learning about diversity and social justice. Though geared toward university students, some of the content is adaptable for use in high school and community youth settings.

Defining Power, Developing Language Lesson, The Knotted Line

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Understanding power is foundational to critical analysis. This lesson, which aligns with Common Core Standards, affords students the opportunity to develop a common language around the concept of power and an understanding of how it manifests individually, institutionally, and socio-culturally.