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Disability Justice

Challenging Ableist Language, GLSEN

This 45-minute lesson from the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) unpacks the concept of ableism and challenges students to think more critically and intentionally about language.

Equal Treatment, Equal Access: Raising Awareness About People with Disabilities and their Struggle for Equal Rights

This comprehensive unit, with lessons for all grade levels from pre-K to high school, examines the disability rights movement in the United States, past and present. The lessons also challenge stereotypes about disabled people and raise awareness about various forms of disability.

Picturing Accessibility: Art, Activism and Physical Disabilities, Teaching Tolerance

This 4-part lesson for students for elementary students explores accessibility, disability, and how to connect art to activism. 

School Accessibility Assessment, ADL 

This checklist from the Anti-Defamation League provides schools the opportunity to assess and subsequently improve accessibility for all students.

Understanding and Challenging Ableism, ADL

Geared toward high school students, this lesson explores the various manifestations of ableism and provides students with action steps for challenging ableism.