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2,000 butterflies made by students at Live Oak School in San Francisco, CA

Butterfly Effect Migration

This blog post was written and submitted by two activists Lily and Kaia. They are 10 and 11 years …

Cover photo for A Culture of Conversation

A Culture of Conversation

We believe in the power of conversation and stories. They have the power to shift perspectives and help us …

Cover photo for Speaking “Truth to Power”

Speaking “Truth to Power”

It can be incredibly hard to be an activist when the people above you in your organization don’t listen …

protest sign reading, "Respect our existence or expect resistance."

Podcasting for Peace: Fight or Flight?

Written by: Michael Kokozos, PhD The concept of fight-or-flight, defined as the physiological response to a perceived harmful event, attack, …

hand with microphone

The Origins of #PassTheMicYouth

Though #PassTheMicYouth officially launched in 2019, the idea took root during the summer of 2016 when co-founders Maru Gonzalez …