What Is Your Vision for a Racially Just Future?

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Cries for justice echo across our nation. People of all ages, creeds, and racial backgrounds are demanding needed change. Bias, inequity, and hate can be found in so many places that sometimes figuring out how to move forward can be overwhelming. One only needs to listen to the news or scroll through social media for a few minutes to realize the wide variety of visions for what effective change can look like.

'Your Vision For A Racially Just

So we want to ask you what is YOUR vision for a racially just future? What does a world look like where the playing field is more equitable? Do societal-level changes need to be made? What actions need to be taken collectively and individually to realize your vision?

We are accepting all submissions in various forms of media including essays, videos, poetry, music, and visuals. Creators of all accepted submissions will receive some #PassTheMicYouth swag including a tote bag, stickers, and pen. Additionally, we will donate to the anti-racist education organization We Are for every submission.

A selection of works will be featured on the #PassTheMicYouth blog.

To submit: simply fill out this form by November 15th.