My Vision for a Racially Just Future

— Written By Luke Shealy

This piece was submitted in response to our call for young people to share their visions for a racially just future. In 2020, many more people became aware of the continued cries for racial justice across the United States. Our team will continue to highlight the voices of young people calling for justice and the actions that they take to ensure a more just future. We invite you to take a look at #PassTheMicYouth’s list of resources for youth-serving professionals that explicitly focus on racial identity and anti-racist practices.

My Vision for a Racially Just Future

By Savannah

A racially just future in my terms would include more diversity in schools. Some schools are very high-maintenance and include only a few non-white students. Other schools are broken and run down and only have a few white students. A diverse school will have an equal amount of students of each race; not just whites and blacks, but immigrants as well.

Another thing for my racially just future is the stopping of racism in the police. There have been way too many black deaths by white police. They are unnecessary. The police say, “I was defending myself,” But shooting a black man for walking down a sidewalk is not self-defense. It’s murder. Gorge Floyd’s death had people storming the streets. Police were guarding the white statues because people were tearing them down out of defiance.

Not only police but jails too. Most people in jails aren’t white. They are black or immigrants. Blacks or immigrants are more likely to be arrested for things that whites wouldn’t be. We need more racial justice in the criminal justice system.

We must stop abusing immigrants. They are humans like us! Why are they denied food and homes because of where they come from? Children were abandoned after their parents were arrested for trying to work to feed their families! The children were left alone, without any money, food, water, parents, or even family to help them. Racial justice isn’t just between black and white. Immigrants from other places are put lower as well and people will stand up against that.

This is what I think a racially just world would be!

Questions for Extended Dialogue

  • What parts of this vision for a racially just future to you most connect with?
  • What else would you add to a vision for a racially just future?
  • What is one of the first steps that you think need to be taken to realize your vision?