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Environmental Justice

Climate Lessons, Climate Generation

Developed by “Climate Generation,” these lessons and toolkit provide a pathway for dialogue, reflection, and informed action on the issue of climate justice. Educators can also join the #TeachClimate Network to obtain additional resources for teaching climate change in the classroom.

Environmental Justice Literacy Curriculum, Groundworks

Groundwork USA logo

Created by youth and community leaders, the Environmental Literacy Curriculum is geared toward middle and high school students as well as adults. Its aim is to teach young people about environmental justice and address local issues by engaging in an action campaign.

Climate Change, Global Oneness Project

Global Oneness Project logo

At the core of the Global Oneness Project is a focus on storytelling as a pedagogical tool to connect students with the rest of the world. The website offers a collection of multimedia resources with corresponding lessons plans on everything from climate change to migration.

Reporting on Environmental Racism, Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance logo

In this lesson, students will use basic reporting skills to understand and investigate the ways in which environmental racism impacts communities of color.