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Migration Lesson Plans, Global Oneness Project

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At the core of the Global Oneness Project is a focus on storytelling as a pedagogical tool to connect students with the rest of the world. The website offers a collection of multimedia resources with corresponding lessons plans on everything from climate change to migration.

Family Separation at the Border, Facing History and Ourselves

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Family separation at the border is a timely and important issue that is difficult to talk about. This multimedia lesson provides an opportunity for students to develop a critical understanding of the issue through meaningful dialogue, experiential activities, and reflection.

Immigration Syllabus

Immigration Syllabus image

This comprehensive syllabus includes enough readings to cover 15 weeks worth of content. Though geared toward university students, some of the readings can be used with high school students in schools and youth-serving organizations.

The Many Faces of Global Migration, Facing History and Ourselves

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Migration extends far beyond just the U.S.-Mexico border. This lesson integrates the use of photography and art to show students the faces of global migration around the world. Activities for extended learning are included.