Reflecting + Youth Poetry Spotlight: ‘speak Up, Speak Out!’

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It has been almost a full year since the blog and podcast launched, and I am continually amazed by the work of all the young people we interview and who submit to the blog. I am so grateful to all the people who have made this possible from my co-hosts to the talented young activists who have participated in some way to you, the reader/listener who makes this all possible.

‘Speak Up, Speak Out’ by high school student Audrey is a piece near to my heart. This poem is featured on our first ever episode of #PassTheMicYouth, ‘Not Your Mother’s Activism‘ and takes me back to the beginning of this journey. You can hear her read it at the end of the episode, but you should really listen to the entire episode to get the full experience.

Speak up, Speak out!

 by Audrey Apollon

                                We are reaching the ceiling,                                 

They don’t understand this feeling,

We’ve been left unheard and constantly ignored

This time I choose to use my voice as my sword


My heart skips a beat

With feelings of defeat

It haunts us all

But I know we won’t fall


They make the rules

And then call us fools

We should all be a team

That is the dream


In the middle of the night

This is our time to fight

They don’t listen to our voices

They don’t let us make our choices


They tell us to stay away

But all we can do is hope and pray

Gather your words

It’s our time to be heard 


Regardless of our age

The world can be our stage

These are our lives

Don’t think twice



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Nyawira NyotaStudent Worker E-mail Nyawira Agricultural & Human Sciences
NC State Extension, NC State University
Updated on Feb 17, 2020
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